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Radial-G - On Steam Early Access Today

"People's Choice - Best Virtual Reality Experience" at the inaugural Virtual Realit...

Crystal Rift - Deserves a Greenlight on Steam

I loved the original demo of this  grid-based dungeon crawler. The graphics looked great and it w...

Mental Torment for DK2 - Scariest demo I have tried so far

'Mental Torment Episode One' by The Andronauts has just made the top of my scare list....

PHOBOS - Anxiety Management VR Platform

Psytech has just launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign called Phobos . It's an Anxie...

From Ashes for Dk2 - A taste of the future of education, VR style

From Ashes is epic! and a must have DK2 demo. Anyone who is interested in having a taste of w...

Orbulus for DK2 and Android - Proving spherical photography in VR is amazing

Want to be convinced that spherical panoramic photography can make its mark in the VR world? Wel...

'Welcome to Oculus' for DK2 - Best introduction demo for VR?

Just had a look at Treytech's 'welcome to Oculus' DK2 Demo and I have to say I am ...



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