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Ciberveo - VR Web browser for the DK2

Ciberveo is the latest software release from MindProbeLabs  , the makers that brought you Cineve...

1000 followers on Twitter - Thank You!

We just wanted to say a big "Thank you" to all of our followers on Twitter, we just h...

Mind Blown By Paris Apartment Demo On DK2

Just tested the new Paris Apartment demo by Dereau Benoit ,on the DK2, and was blown away by it....

Zeiss VR One

Carl Zeiss has been a legendary name in optics for over a century. Now they have branched into the V...

South West VR Conference - 24th Feb

On the 24th Feb 2015 , award winning games studio Opposable games have arranged for the first...

Radial-G - On Steam Early Access Today

"People's Choice - Best Virtual Reality Experience" at the inaugural Virtual Re...

Crystal Rift - Deserves a Greenlight on Steam

I loved the original demo of this  grid-based dungeon crawler. The graphics looked great and it w...



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