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Looking at Gear VR from a Different Perspective

On August 3rd, 2014, Samsung released information about a virtual reality headset called Gear VR . T...

Crystal Rift for DK2

Great to see more new indie developers releasing some awesome DK2 content. This is a dungeon ba...

Kzero's Fairy Forest for DK2

Love this updated little demo from KZero that was released earlier today for the DK2. Transported ...

Storyteller - Fireside Tales for DK2

Over the weekend  @DungeonSurvival  released an Alpha version of Storyteller - Fireside Tales ...

A great divide

You either know about VR or you don't! There doesn't seem to be any middle ground or gra...

The Simpsons' Virtual Reality Devices

The Simpsons series is one of the most beloved television shows of all time. With over 25 seasons,...

Trinity Magnum: Precision Motion Control

The Trinity Magnum is an accurate and intuitive motion controller for virtual reality application...



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